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Party Weekend in Rimini Italy’s Ibiza on a Budget

Experiencing depression? These tips will help you enjoy a real hedonistic weekend in Rimini, party girls from knightsbridge are always optional. Not to worry, you can take a break and have yourself a party weekend […]

Apr, 12 · in Main

Even with Its Clean Image, Zurich Still has Cases of Alleged Corruptions

Zurich is well known as a corrupt-free zone, with international organizations ranking it among the least corrupt in the world. However, even with its impressive history, the city is still tainted by corruption, with some […]

Apr, 02 · in Main

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Rimini – Beautiful Italian Beach City

Rimini is a picturesque city located in Italy’s San Marino region, one of the worlds oldest republics as well as being a party city for young and old it retains some of the finest Italian […]

Apr, 03 · in Main,Travel